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Updated: 26/07/2018

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Project Ahead is a cooperative company specialised in consulting services to National and International authorities and Organizations, expert in complex projects. Our focus on social innovation and social enterprises allow us to provide a wide range of support services to public and private partners, in order to promote integration, inclusion and solution to social challenges. Since 2001 in Naples


PROJECT AHEAD intervenes as a qualified partner supporting the Third Sector, Voluntary Service, social enterprises – notably Cooperatives – and Public bodies through specialized services aimed at the improvement of effectiveness and efficiency of the development plans linked to the European Structural Funds and Community Programmes. Its activities are particularly oriented towards youth and social politicies, development of international private partnerships and international cooperation among public actors.


PROJECT AHEAD aims to support its partners by pursuing goals that are seen as essential opportunities for effective economic and social development:

  • Enabling the potential of young people as an essential element of creativity and innovation for territorial development, particularly in the disadvantadged areas. To this end, Project Ahead intervenes in the management of youth structures and services, and it is alongside the initiatives of formal and informal organizations formed by young people or that put young people at the center of their activity;
  • Creation and development of enterprises, cooperatives and associations that can create virtuous developmental circuits in the territorial reference systems. In this sense, Project Ahead intervenes in the construction of business plans, in the search of public and private funding, in support to growth by providing organizational and managerial advice and building training courses tailored to the specific needs of the client, with particular reference in the area of ​​the social economy;
  • Internationalization of local businesses and support to international cooperation as essential elements to be competitive in the globalized world. Project Ahead provides support to small and medium-sized businesses that want to expand their reference markets overseas - through local partner research - and supports international co-operation between public and private sector entities by promoting mutual exchange of experiences and good practice as an essential basis for improving living conditions in the territories.

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