Marta Maria Sanchez Lopez

Joined: 18/07/2018


Postgraduate in Project Coordination for International Development (UAH); expert on water, sanitation and hygiene in international development and emergencies (UAH); computer engineer (Universidad Antonio Nebrija); since 2008 focuses in international development, where has worked in different contexts and countries in collaboration with organizations like Norwegian Church Aid, Action Against Hunger, Force, Spanish Red Cross, Médicos del Mundo, ONGAWA (Engineering for Human Development) and Pharmacists without Frontiers; currently is part of the Emergency Unit of the Spanish Red Cross; has worked in the construction of the Ebola Treatment Center by IFRC in the district of Kono-Sierra Leone; has participated in the decommissioning of water and drainage systems and latrines in Kumala Holding Centre and Kasumpe Holding Centre when worked with Medicos del Mundo; has worked in the Emergency in Water, Hygiene and Sanitation for the heavy rains and flooding affected population of Piura area (North Peru) with Action Against Hunger.