Director Samiya Mooge

Joined: 24/07/2018


The PRSD Network is composed of 20 committed organizations from 16 European countries and with main office in Almada - Portugal. The PRSD network supports the community of immigrants and young immigrants and descendants of immigrants in European countries, as well as promoting the involvement of young people in the diaspora to invest and participate in the development of their communities where they are inserted and in their countries of origin. We support international meetings and seminars, conferences, trainings, discussions to improve the immigration policy, mobility and integration.

We aim to:
Support the integration and social and economic development of the immigrants community and young descendants of immigrants..
Empower organizations and groups of young immigrants at the structural and financial level in the preparation and management of development projects.
Promote the formal education and non-formal education for the community of young immigrants with few opportunities and living in the risk situations of social exclusion...
Defend and promote the rights and interests of immigrants and their descendants in all respects to its recovery, so as to enable their full integration and insertion.
Develop actions of support to immigrants and their descendants to improve their living conditions...
Promote and stimulate the own capacities, social and cultural communities of immigrants or their descendants as a key element of society where they are inserted
Propose actions necessary for the prevention or cessation of acts or omissions by public or private entities which constitute racial discrimination..
Establish exchanges with national counterparts and foreign associations and promote common training and information actions at national and international level
Do research and consulting for the benefit and improvement in the field of integration policy, immigration, mobility, employability and youth.
Increase synergies with institutions in the context of the Europe-Africa youth cooperation and cover other non-governmental organizations in other continental regions.

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