Diomcoop Cooperative

Updated: 31/08/2018

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Diomcoop is a social cooperative, of sixteen people (twelve men and four women) from west Africa, who used to sell illegally in the streets and sidewalks of Barcelona ('Ex-manteros'). Diomcoop provides a (legal) job opportunity, regularizes their status in the country and dignifies their lives. Ex-manteros are leaders of the process as owners and beneficiaries.

Our Values:
Solidarity because in order to work to improve the quality of life of the whole group and for our project to be an instrument for the benefit of the community.
Mutual help. In this project all partners have the same rights and we help each other in our day to day, so that the rights and duties of all / as can be effective and extend to the rest of the group.
Honesty, because we want that along with the rectitude, integrity and work well done, are the qualities that characterize us at all times. In short, to give the best of ourselves to the society that surrounds us.
Transparency, because the information is transmitted transversally to all the members of the cooperative and the decisions are made democratically.
Culture of peace. From Diomcoop we reject violence, we defend cultural diversity and we work to prevent conflicts, through dialogue, acceptance of our own responsibility and negotiation between people and organizations.
Our Objectives:
Occupation and creation of a company. Generate an economic activity of production, sale and service, under the cooperative format, which favors occupation.
Social care Facilitate the coverage of the basic needs and rights of the participants in the project, including training for personal and professional development.
Community intervention. Articulate a network of social and economic relations in the territory and in the community that hosts the cooperative, also seeking to raise awareness about unauthorized street vending in the city of Barcelona.

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