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Updated: 9/14/2018

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AERIS Cooperativa Sociale is a big non-profit organization founded in 1994 and operating in the fields of education, social intervention, leisure activities and research. It works in several provinces of northern Italy: Milan, Monza Brianza, Como, Lecco, Bergamo, Turin.
Aeris has about 450 employees, mainly professional educators, psychologists and social workers.
Aeris manages services SPRAR guarantees the protection and integration of Refugees and Asylum Seekers, or persons, individuals or families, who have applied for protection to the Italian government, since their life would be in danger if rejected in their country of origin.
Built according to the ministerial guidelines, our project is characterized by the choice to accommodate people in housing units consisting of apartments distributed throughout the territory, in place of large accommodation facilities concentrated in one municipality.
In collaboration with these institutions and with the local authorities, currently Aeris manages the reception of over 300 young asylum seekers. Its activities aim at integrating and protecting young migrants from countries affected by wars, persecutions and deprivations, who have asked the Italian government for protection. we provide them with legal support for the preparation of the application for political asylum, health care, Italian language courses, work placements, in order to accompany them towards the construction of their own autonomy.
We are part of the Asylum Network of the Lombardy Region - Table of the bodies managing reception for asylum seekers - and we are Members of the Territorial Council for Immigration of the Province of Monza and Brianza.
Aeris has activated a transnational youth mobility center of the European Eurodesk network. Eurodesk is the official network of the European Erasmus + program for information on programs and initiatives promoted by the Community institutions in favor of young people. Eurodesk works to promote young people's access to the opportunities offered by European programs. Eurodesk is located 20 Gorizia street, Arcore MB – Italy identification code: IT250.
Every year it involves about 2000 young people in activities, projects, aggregation centers and local emergency posts. It aims both at promoting youth protagonism and at preventing drugs consumption, it supplies school orientation services and free-time activities. Aeris has several youth aggregation centers located in the territories of Bergamo, Monza and Brianza, Como and Lecco.
Since 2011, Aeris has been active in the reception of young asylum seekers and refugees in the territories of Monza Brianza and Milan, through calls from the Ministry of the Interior and the Prefectures for the opening of Extraordinary Reception Centers (CAS) and of reception facilities for the International Protection System for Asylum and Refugees (SPRAR).

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