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Updated: 9/13/2018

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United Kingdom
To bring communities closer together by developing a shared understanding of the role different groups and individuals have had in shaping today's society. To explore, record, preserve and share both individual and collective heritage of migrant groups and communities; through the development of initiatives to improve peoples well being.

Legacy WM is a registered charity that has its roots in celebrating the heritage of post-war migrant communities in Birmingham. Our work highlights their relationship to the industrial, architectural, and cultural heritage of the city. Early projects included tracing migrant journeys through food, and developing a local heritage trail.
In the past five years we have developed and extended our work to involve the second and third generations, to recognise and support their contribution to our city.
After the success of our early projects – Cultural Food Journeys and the Lozells & Handsworth Heritage Trail – we have adopted five new priorities:
The Arts
Community cohesion

These priorities enable Legacy WM to develop and deliver culturally diverse, creative, and interactive projects for many different audiences, in response to a range of needs.
We are based at the community heritage site of Soho House in Handsworth, Birmingham and deliver projects in the northwest inner-city wards of the city. These areas have faced long-term economic disadvantage but are rich in diverse cultural heritage and entrepreneurial spirit. To reflect this our projects focus on food, architecture, migration, and industrial history.
In this way, Legacy WM goes beyond recording and celebrating heritage. Our work uses this heritage to engage with local people – young and old – to increase their awareness of the cultural resources around them, using this as a means to promote physical and mental wellbeing.
In September 2015, we secured three-year funding from the Big Lottery for our Family Fit health and wellbeing project. This has enabled us to move to a new location at Soho House, where we aim to develop a community hub for the benefit of local people, bringing together the diverse communities of the area surrounding this beautiful heritage site. This has consolidated our role as champions of cultural heritage and its role in the wellbeing of local communities.

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