Updated: 9/11/2018

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The Mediterranean Women's Forum of Marseille is a French association fonded in 1993 by Esther FOUCHIER after the First International Women's Meeting of the
Mediterranean in November 1992, in Valencia, Spain.
It brings together women, either individually or as representatives of associations from different social backgrounds, sometimes exiled from countries around the Mediterranean but all currently living in Marseille or in the Provence Alpes Côtes d'Azur Region.

- Take action against gender discrimination and violence against women,
- Enforce legal equality and achieve equal opportunities,
- Encourage the co-development and implementation of income-generating projects to promote women's financial autonomy.
To achieve these objectives, the Forum brings together the capacities, skills and human qualities of its members and partner structures.

The Mediterranean Women's Forum is both:
- a research organisation (co-author a report on the situation of women in the Mediterranean with FEMISE, organisation of symposia)
- an association that supports projects to create income-generating activities in Algeria and Morocco around solidarity tourism and organizes training sessions to help women create the best conditions for the development of their businesses.
- which sets up cultural initiatives (an annual and international short story competition, the publication of collections, the organization of the first Mediterranean women's publications salon for which we have recruited more than 50 godmothers: philosophers, sociologists, writers.

Since September 2007, the FFM has been the head of the European network of migrant women, which works to improve their visibility and the recognition of their rights and duties.
We organize training sessions and an annual meeting, edit and update a skills directory (attached). We actively participate in the Mediterranean network against trafficking in women because we denounce all violence and the exploitation of women's bodies as a commodity.
Since 2011, the MFF has been elected leader of the French network of the Anna Foundation
LINDH. This foundation, which brings together both States and civil society from the 43 countries of Europe and the Mediterranean, works for dialogue between cultures within the framework of the universality of rights. Within this foundation, we have defended the need to pay particular attention to women's rights.