Updated: 8/31/2018

Solution provider

Hungary is a personal, one-man, and up till now fully self-funded initiative to generate innovative "business development" solutions for the optimization of refugee integration in combination and synergy with the revitalization of rural Europe. Refival develops conceptual frameworks and targets to bring stakeholders together for implementing pilot-projects.

As part of its refugee integration framework, Refival has developed Inclusion Sourcing. It is based on affirmative action and stimulates redistribution of economic activities to where they are needed the most. Its main principle is to relocate geographically independent jobs to areas where there are insufficient alternative options such as rural ones. This can prevent “forced” migration and bring peace.

If structurally less employment is available, more rigorous measures must be used. Currently, one solution is to provide everyone with a Universal Basic Income. However, facing a lack of solidarity (imperative for UBI), Refival proposes to use an alternative named Universal Basic Employment (UBE).

UBE defines employment to be a basic right. This means that “everyone is entitled to contribute to society and to be financially rewarded for their engagement”. Such a principle is generating solidarity because the right on a basic income is rooted in one’s contribution instead of in receiving cash transfers.

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