Stimmuli for Social Change

Updated: 7/30/2018

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“STIMMULI for social change” is a non-profit, woman-owned social innovation research and development organisation aiming on the one hand at supporting community-driven experiments and socially conscious organisations and on the other to encourage citizens to engage in change.

STIMMULI is a non-profit research organization specializing in the field of social innovation and its application in different sectors such as education, migration, social inclusion etc. The organization employs a mix of cross-disciplinary research approaches to advance the theory and practice of social innovation and produce new knowledge and evidence for policy makers and social innovation practitioners. Stimmuli’s working team consists of high skilled migration experts and experienced project managers in the field of refugee crisis and migrant and minority youth integration.

Education is at the core of STIMMULI’s research activities, as the organization is currently implementing the H2020 project NEMESIS aiming at creating a novel educational model for enabling Social Innovation Skills attainment, with a particular emphasis on students from disadvantaged backgrounds. Among others, STIMMULI is specialising in the development of training material, the design of education and capacity building activities, the assessment of education programs and innovation policies as well as the application of participatory and co-creation methodologies both for research and education purposes.

In this framework, STIMMULI’s work aims at harnessing the power of collaboration between universities, nonprofits, social enterprises, businesses and governments, to address pressing societal challenges more effectively and on a wider scale by designing and developing new approaches, innovative projects, effective practices and tools to enhance social innovation.

All these years, STIMMULI’s team has met inspiring people trying to make a positive change to the world! This was a big stimulus for us to get involved and try to activate the social intelligence of people by informing, engaging, connecting and empowering them to shape a sustainable future. STIMMULI was thus established as a mission-driven attempt to contribute to a more equitable, inclusive and vibrant society by designing and supporting initiatives and projects that seek to address societal challenges through innovative approaches.

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