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Updated: 7/23/2018

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History Doc is a non for profit international educational institute for documentaries based in Athens, Greece, but acting internationally. It specializes in providing training workshops both to youth-amateur and to professional filmmakers from Europe and the Middle East). The objectives are the production of short and feature length documentaries and video narrations with themes on the mutual understanding and the intercultural dialogue in the Euro-Med region.
From the very early beginning of the refugee crisis Histrory Doc has dedicated all it’s efforts and resources in the implementation of projects for inclusion that concern young migrant men and women (18-35 years old) with the active participation of local communities in order to strength the cohesion of the welcoming societies
Recent activities:
2015-2018 Home New Home (www.homenewhome.gr) Training and production workshops of short documentaries created by refugees, migrants, asylum seekers and volunteers. Locations: Athens and Lesvos (Greece), Izmir (Turkey), Amman (Jordan), Tyre (Lebanon), Ramallah-Gaza(Palestine) ). 1.000 young refugees and locals participate in training workshops in 6 cities of Greece, Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine with the aim to produce up to 100 short films for the refugee crisis . Youth from 8 nations and 2 religious have being educated, worked and created artistic work together The films directed by the migrants themselves have the privilege of originality without the mediation of any professional filmmaker or journalist The educational procedure itself was a public space for an intercultural dialogue. The participants were involved in an interactive dialogue among the members of the seminars. Further more the outcomes , the short films is a tool with multiply effect for spread the intercultural dialogue through public screenings and Q & A sessions in the local societies
The prior activity was the project titled The Life of the Others (www.eurodocvision.gr) . Workshops for production documentaries created by migrants in 5 countries (Malta, Algeria, Morocco, Palestine, Greece) in the period October 2013 August 2014
History doc is also the producer of the “AegeanDocs International Documentary Film Festival”, (www.aegeandocs.gr.) and of the Arcadian Screenings Film Festival (www.arcadianscreenings.gr)  History Doc has a permanent staff of 4 employees  and 18  associates working  part time as tutors.

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