Hardware City

Updated: 21/12/2017

Solution provider

Hardware City is a non profit association. A community of entrepreneurs and makers that closes the gap between Makers, Startups, and Contract Manufacturers. We've been working with social challenges, namely related with the inclusion of the elderly population in low density locations.

HARDWARE CITY was founded by a group of entrepreneurs that have created several companies. This association is building a community in Portugal focusing on Product development. Because of the new era of IoT(Internet of Things) and the Industry 4.0(Physical Computing), Hardware and Software will evolve together and that's why our community is strong on these two areas.
We have a privileged contact to Universidade de Aveiro since we are hosted by IEUA(Incubadora de Empresas da Universidade de Aveiro). This puts us in contact with the academic community of researchers.
HARDWARE CITY has executed other projects before, using a business model different from those usually used by the industry. We built a team selecting members from the community with the right profile to the job and a perfect cultural fit.

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