Local - my near community

A solution by Hardware City submitted to Fixating human capital in low density areas

“Local” is a platform to help Young people of working age to have more comfort living on low density territories. Based on their user profile they'll have custom information and dedicated notifications showing available neighbours nearby to help, specific local services, notification on cultural agenda and access to a point of contact with municipality to get help and give feedback on their needs.

(Pitched: 15/07/2018)

One Page Summary

Fixating people in low density territories is a challenge. Fixating younger people is not particularly easier. Millennials are concentrating even more in the urban core or in vibrant places and have an higher infrastructure and cultural index requirements than anyone before. They aim for digital connectivity and search for new patterns when it comes to communicating and interacting with the surrounding services. Online ordering trends have gone skyrocket, specially when it comes to people in their 20’s and early 30’s. Everyone is looking online to solve their problems and answering their questions first. Only when their questions are not answered digitally do they look for other sources of information such as contacting the local government’s facilities and helpdesks. This new paradigm represents a shift in the way the communities are created and in the way the community interacts with the available services and infra-structures. They expect the simplification of tasks through the digitization of old process in simple things such as booking gyms or as scheduling house visits when buying or renting a house. They want things faster and in a more effective way to focus on other topics of their day life. One of the great features of living in a smaller town is the “local feeling” that we used to have that conveyed a sense of security and of a more traditional home to raise kids. However this used to be driven by a sense of communication that was created seamlessly just through coexistence in the same neighborhood. Things are changing, and now people communicate daily through digital communication tools such as social networks or chat messengers. Younger people expect this to be almost a de-facto conversation standard.
We want to embed this principle in the local communities in order to create the necessary conditions to fixate the millenials and post millenials with their new ways of communicating and interacting. We thrive to 1) give them voice, 2) to replicate the old sense of living in a community and 3) to make it easier to interact with the local services:

  1. Giving voice to people: through an integrated platform we want younger people to share their feelings and thoughts especially on how to the community can improve their services and offers, and what is it that they think is needed.
  2. Expanding the communities: people can interact with each other giving it a sense of an expanded community where it will be easier to search for help in daily tasks such as babysitting, looking for places to hang out, safer zones for kids or rides to schools, and also reach out and help out others by explicitly informing on how their can help others, such as providing assistance to the elderly. This two way path is what drives and creates a true sense of community.
  3. Interacting with services: we want to make it easier for younger people, but we believe it will be beneficial for everyone, particularly newcomers, to have a directory of services that can be easily accessible by everyone to rapidly look for a required profissional service, but also to search for local amenities and institutional services such as (postal services, health and city hall services).