Smart Help Assistant

A solution by Hardware City submitted to Services to elderly people located in low density territories

• The idea is to create a software platform to help providing services to anyone but mainly the elderly, faster and easyer than alternative ways.

(Pitched: 21/12/2017)

One Page Summary

The platform is run by humans that will supervise a software that will receive messages from the users requesting a service. This message is processed automatically and the humans will validate the information and workflow of the process. After validation of a request, the system will route the request to one of the services listed. The services are previously inserted on the platform. This services can be commercial or volunteer.
One advanced feature that can improve significantly the usability of the platform is the use of modules of AI. Machine learning and Natural Language Processing(NLP). While there is already technology available to implement this, we will analyze the way of integrate such a solution as an optional module. There will be no time to implement on this MVP.

The benefits of the platform are:
• Easy access to services through a simple and short message or trough an Mobile App.
• For example, the user can send a message simple as: “I need a Taxi now”. The system will automatically gather the context data, like the user identification, geolocation.
• Use of common channels of communication already used by elder users or caretakers.
• An intelligence engine routes the needs to commercial services or volunteers
• Enable access to more services at a lower cost and faster pace
• The platform has intelligence to help the human operators, lowering the time and effort to process the requests.

The system has to be hosted by one organization like the local government that will provide a small team of people that will supervise the platform and approves the information of services available.
The host organization is responsible to insert a list of incentives that the community can give back to volunteers that earn credits from their actions through the platform.
We don’t know any other system that implements this solution.

This grant would be the first opportunity to develop a working Minimum Viable Product to test the viability of the system and prove that is possible, now a day, to implement a software solution easy to deploy and operate with minimum maintenance effort.