Selected for grant

The following Pitches, made to Closed Challenges in this Place, have been selected to receive a €30k grant and six months of mentoring to develop their project further.

Jobiri - the first AI based digital career advisor

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for Employment for young people

JOBIRI is the first AI based digital career advisor that provides personalized suggestions and tools to help jobseekers land a job faster through proprietary AI algorithms and an integrated ecosystem of career services. JOBIRI helps schools, universities and public institutions to accelerate job matching between job seekers and employers within local communities.

Submitted pitches

Entrepreneurs and social innovators recently submitted the following Pitches for these Challenges

Challenge: Employment for young people

Opportunity Finder - Citizen Participation Tool

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Submitted to Employment for young people

OpportunityFinder brings qualified workers from City of Àgueda into the traditional manufacturing local industry By Citizen Participation Tool (CPTool) to co-design, jointly pilot, implement and roll out innovative models. By giving special attention to young people and gender parity, OpportunityFinder brings CPTool and other public engagement initiatives into models with a “glocal” focus, for more inclusive, context relevant and culturally adapted community-based participatory research and innovation. OpportunityFinder aims to foster the recruitment of qualified workers into the traditional manufacturing local industry by developing a collaborative web-platform focusing on employment of young people and women in a co-design/co-creation setting. The inputs from systematic impact evaluation studies will be continuously integrated in order to make CPTool more accurate and responsive to young and qualified workers needs and concerns. Building on a comprehensive communication plan, with a strong effort dedicated to the development and implementation of a sustainability strategy, OpportunityFinder outcomes will: a) build effective cooperation and debate between traditional manufacturing local industry and municipality of Àgueda by encouraging the systematic and ethical involvement of young and qualified staff and their societal concerns in local industry and research and innovation processes, b) allows young people to explore the diversity of jobs and career paths in their local environment c) give evidence and support industry leaders and decision-makers to foster the recruitment of qualified workers into the traditional manufacturing local and regional industry d) interactive twinning and matchmaking between the students and local companies to find joint solutions to the emplyement challenge in city of Àgueda e) connecting with people who are passionate about their job, they can find all the inspiration and advice they need to carry out their school and professional life projects.

Vaga Demprego

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Cabeça na Lua

Submitted to Employment for young people

Six young people with academic skills are experiencing their first day of work in different industrial company.


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De Stuyverij

Submitted to Employment for young people

Mergulho offers a transformative experience for both future workforce and managers of the local industry to help them get a better understanding of each other’s perspectives. Together, they learn about innovation and intrapreneurship, and bridge the growing gap between the job market in the manufacturing industry and young people’s expectations for their professional lives.