Updated: 15/04/2018

Solution provider

JOBIRI is the first AI based digital career advisor that provides personalized suggestions and tools to help jobseekers land a job faster through proprietary AI algorithms and an integrated ecosystem of career services. JOBIRI helps schools, universities and public institutions to accelerate job matching between job seekers and employers within local communities.

JOBIRI is the first digital career advisor which uses artificial intelligence to boost employment. JOBIRI is a self-service integrated ecosystem of career tools tailored for jobseekers, career support institutions (schools, universities, employment centers, public institutions) and employers.
Schools and career support institutions play a key role in helping students or job seekers to transition into the workforce, but lack of human or financial resources can undermine their mission and so the future of new generations.
JOBIRI is available 24 hours and it is designed to provide a complete and personalized support to accompany job seekers’ journey from education to employment through proprietary algorithms of artificial intelligence.
On public institutions’ side, JOBIRI allows them to overcome career support operational and physical limits. It improves the support for job seekers and tracks all the activities allowing career coaches to monitor the full process while providing remote assistance when needed.
On the employers’ side, JOBIRI provides the best employer branding tools to attract candidates. It showcases companies’ workspaces, vision, benefits by creating a virtual tour of the company and allowing current employees to become company ambassadors.
JOBIRI was released in September 2017 and it is successfully used by 6 Italian institutions: the career service of the Catholic University of the Sacred Heard of Milan, 1 Youth Employment Centre and 4 high schools (respectively 2 in Lombardia, 1 in Tuscany and 1 in Abruzzo).
JOBIRI has got an initial investment by Area Science Park, one of the most important scientific and technologic park of the Italian Ministry of Research, Education and University.

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