Freethinkers Consulting, Lda

Updated: 05/12/2017

Solution provider

Freethinkers Consulting provides the community with senior professionals (more than 15 years each) with multidisciplinary and significant experience in small and multinational companies. The expertise areas cover creation, continuous improvement and innovation process management for new companies and existing companies and transition for new ownership.

Freethinkers Consulting consolidates a registered brand that for years has been providing professional services to individuals, companies and governments, independent of the big interests that bend the adequacy and innovation solutions to existing portfolios.

Once and again we see big consultancy firms use the cheap labour of young professionals for the sole purpose to sell a pre-established solution that makes better profits for the incumbent, but seldom, the best results for the contracting entity. Freethinkers is not bound to any interests other than those of supply the best solution to problems.

The areas of expertise are 

  • Mining and maintenance;
  • Continuous improvement;
  • Innovation process management and planning;
  • Management of European projects;
  • Support to new businesses and entrepreneurs;
  • Business succession and transition.

The competencies of our senior partners cover:

• Technical audits;
• Design and support to continuous improvement processes; 
• Programmed innovation. Innovation management;
• Serious creativity for new entrepreneurs ;
• Counselling on litigation connected with EU projects; 
• Industrial maintenance in corrosive and abrasive conditions; 
• Specific training to support other competence areas.

Our portfolio has names so different as Rio Tinto, Somincor, Bioteca, Seedrs, Erasmus+ NA Portugal.

We value the individual. The individual the agent of change and must be the actor behind innovation and sustainability. With skills, a comprehensive knowledge and motivation, any individual is capable of acting for a better society. We believe we contribute for a better society through definition of high working standards, share of knowledge, regulatory compliance and safety and security mindset. 

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