Founder Jean-Paul Close

Joined: 08/12/2017


After 27 years of living and working in a diversity of countries around the world the culture shock upon return to my home country, the Netherlands, was huge. It made me aware how fast our societies were deteriorating due to the massive city development and related individualization, money dependence and disappearance of social engagement to quality of life. This made me decide to define a new societal format based on core natural and human values. It is referred to as level 4 participation society, the CO-City, the ECO-polis, a Sustainocracy (the new democracy). The context of core human values (such as health, safety, cocreative resilience, awareness and the four items we need all the time: food, water, energy and air, are all social integrators and innovative motivators. New multidisciplinary platforms appear that address local priorities through the engagement of citizens, local government, entrepreneurship, science and education. They produce a huge amount of innovations that become of interest to other communities and hence develop an intercommunity exchange of best practice, innovative solutions and powerful social engagement at multiple levels. 

  • AiREAS - air quality, health and mobility
  • FRE2SH - local food resilience and productivity
  • COS3I - social inclusion, integration and innovation
  • School of Talents - participatory learning

Twitter username: @jpclose