André Rocha

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Senior Product and Interaction designer (Founder at EVOL/LEVO) and professor (ESELx - IPL // currently enrolled in the UT Austin | Portugal Digital Media PhD program.
I started my career in 2003 designing products with a group of Artisans in southern Portugal (Alentejo).
Somehow, in the middle of advertising agency work, trade fair stands, big events, design and production discovered arduino, processing, code, and a lot of things I came to admire, explore, use and research with and about.
This experiences led to a balance between two parallel environments where I design, teach and research: the tech/hacking/ DiY/collaborative/open source and the craft product design experiences.
I'm also part of the team who founded DAR, back in 2011: An Open Design and Culture Non-profit. I also collaborate with Creative Commons Portugal team as Technical Lead.

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