SAM Application

Updated: 17/01/2018

Solution provider

34 million people are socially isolated in the EU (Eurostat). They never see family or friends, not even once a year. 3 million people are lonely in the Netherlands. With SAM, we want to fight loneliness and bring people together in meaningful small and personal events. Above that we want to help people overcome social insecurities and actively help them to reconnect with others. Better together.

The Challenge:

Have you ever felt alone? I mean really really lonely? 34 million people are socially isolated in the EU (Eurostat). They do not see their family. Not even once a year. Loneliness is affecting all of us. Old or young, from all nationalities and all social backgrounds. What you might not know: loneliness is a greater concern among young than elderly. 18-34 year old people are more likely to feel alone and to feel depressed because of loneliness than the over 55-s (Mental Health Foundation). Furthermore chronic loneliness can cause severe health problems. Chronic loneliness is harmful to your body. It is worse for your body than obesity, equivalent to smoking 15 cigarets a day or being an alcoholic. Furthermore social isolation increases the risk of heart disease by 29% and stroke by 32%. Loneliness is linked with depression, stress and suicidal behavior. Especially in cities people are more and more alone. We are more connected than ever but experience less meaningful social contact!
 Loneliness can happen to all of us. Even you and me. The feeling of loneliness can become a vicious cycle. It then gets even more difficult for people to reconnect with social life. We want to change that!