Tarek Al Muazen

Joined: 01/02/2018


I’m a dreamer from Syria, I dream about freedom, unity and love all the time. and I dream about people living as a family in harmony with the inviroment and all living beings.

I worked in making movies for around 10 years of my life, I also like to make music and bring people together.

“through the inviroment and the people I discover who I am”

After settling down in Amsterdam I noticed that I have the ability to make concepts that could make life better.. like David Attenborough once said: build the environment and life will follow.

I would like to make a documentary about sustainable villages around Europe, urban farms and alternative life styles. I planned a tour in the summer to different locations around the Netherlands, Germany, France, Spain, Hangaria And Portugal.

I’m looking for support to make this happen.



Facebook profile URL: https://www.facebook.com/714370584