Systemic Family and Organizational Constellations Coach Oscar Westra van Holthe

Joined: 04/03/2018


Hi, my name is Oscar. I am a systemic family constellations and organizational culture development coach.

My vision on people, business, and societal development

In order to avoid pain we experienced when we were younger, most of us developed a way out of our body – through creativity and thinking. However, disconnected from the wisdom of our bodily and emotional states, we (figuratively) "get stuck" in the age we experienced something that was traumatic for us. And these traumatic experiences can be very small. For example, when a baby does not get food in time (this can happen within any family), it experiences it as if it's last day has come. Later in life this can mean that when you want something and you're not immediately getting it, that you feel like becoming this screaming child again. Traumatic events can however also be more obvious. Think of being in a war situation, imprisonment, victim of physical/sexual abuse, or having survived an environmental disaster. In those moments, a very similar process of "blocking pain and emotions" happens. In order to never feel that pain, we block our feelings, yet with that also living our full potential, and enjoying the connections that are there. In David Whyte's legacy, I say: "To feel abandoned is to deny the intimacy of our surroundings".

Family constellations

With constellations role-plays you authentically connect to yourself, another person, and the community you are part of. Once you feel at home within yourself by seeing the big picture of your life (What is it that you never want to experience again? What was your coping mechanism? What skills did you develop? And what does this mean in terms of not living your potential?) and once you feel embedded within your social context (Who feels close? Who feels far? Who is there for me? Who did you lose along the way), there's no other option in life than this: to fully live your (unique) life's purpose. When we know about ourselves, when we know about what social DNA is passed from our family's and cultural-historical backgrounds, and the difficulties that arise from thos inter-generational dynamics, we become sensitive to what's going on. Besides, we will have gained this skill to work with anyone, anywhere, at any time of the day.

I have developed various work formats coaches can work with:

1. Making a map of the social network you are part of with play-mobil constellations.

2. Creating an inner map of what it is you feel and how you deal with it (aka how you avoid feeling pain).