Updated: 21/12/2017

Solution provider

Navilens is an innovative technology based on a new bidi code that far exceeds the capabilities of existing ones, especially in long distance reading, high information density, speed and simultaneous reading. It was initially developed to increase the autonomy of blind people indoors, but its great versatility allows for many applications increasing information for visually impaired people

Neosistec is a technology development company established in 2005. Since its inception, its main objective has been to generate value by optimizing the capabilities of everyday ICT devices, such as mobile phones and tablets, fundamentally by creating software applied in process optimization, localization, notification, etc. Supporting at every moment in the available systems, from Blackberry, the different versions of Android, iOS...its growth has been based on its four areas of expertise: sensing, platforms, accessibility and geofencing.

The clients of Neosistec have traditionally come from a great diversity of sectors, what has emphasized the capacity of the company in understanding, adapting and providing value to many diverse value chains. In 2016, the share of gross incomes per sector is approximately: 20% IT sector 20% Mass media, , 15% Public Administration, 20% Telecommunications sector, 10% Industry, 10% services and 5% logistic sector.

In 2017, Neosistec was awarded by Spanish Vodafone Foundation as enterprise revelation for the creation of Navilens

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