Promotion of inclusion and improvement of the pedagogical, descriptive and social dimensions for blind or visually impaired children in schools through the application of Navilens-based solutions.

(Pitched: 21/12/2017)

One Page Summary

NaviLens is a technology developed to increase the autonomy, inclusion and quality of life of people who are blind or visually impaired at different levels. Through the use of an innovative system of visual markers it allows the development and application of numerous functions that bring great value to the child in the school environment, with a holistic approach. The applications of NaviLens cover the pedagogical, descriptive and social domains of education and allows the continuous development of valuable solutions for users, with easy accessibility and without the need for investments or the implementation of specific equipment. NaviLens is an agile and scalable technology available for any smartphone or tablet and whose services are self-managed by users and their teachers, family members, etc. in their own cloud environment, promoting creativity and independence in the school ecosystem where it is implemented.