Reuvekamp Solutions

Updated: 07/06/2018

Solution provider

Using a Global & Sustainable perspective to create added value for companies and governments in a changing and challenging world

Reuvekamp Solutions basics are: Global & Sustainable, with a longterm perspective. With the experience of working  in the fields of governance, education and entrepreneurship Reuvekamp Solutions tries to create added value for companies and governments in a transforming world. More and more people and companies are starting to realize that the world is transforming from a single minded vision of own wellbeing and profit making to taking care of and helping of others. Becoming a social enterprise is a must for enterprises to survive. Reuvekamp Solutions wants to help governments and companies with this transformation. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations are the navigational tools to make the world a better and sustainable place.

But people and companies need to know what the SDGs are, what we want to accomplish with the goals and how we can use the goals into our daily lives and business. So Reuvekamp Solutions is creating online SDGs courses for people from the civil society and companies. There is also an incompany course where there will be developed a sustainable business strategy. With the help of the extracted data and gained knowledge from the courses we can help people and enterprises in putting the SDGs into their daily lives and business. 

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