C-Change & Dutch Network Group

Updated: 15/07/2018

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At C-Change, we envision a world where all actors connect4impact. We exist to trigger business and investors to make a difference and equip them to bring their purpose to life. Dutch Network Group is the publisher of three entrepreneurial platforms. DNG inspires, supports and helps entrepreneurs by creating relevant content for entrepreneurs.

In 2015, the world leaders signed off on a new global strategy for building a stable, fair, and sustainable future for all: the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda. Next to an agenda towards a better world, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) represent a $12 trillion economic opportunity. Yet, making the business case for sustainability, and integrating the Agenda into your day to day operations is easier said than done.

C-Change & Dutch Network Group (DNG) joined forces for this proposal, which addresses the challenge of getting small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) on board of the SDG bandwagon. In order to do so, we will launch a challenge-based campaign that makes it easy and worthwhile for business owners in Amsterdam to learn about the SDGs, to commit to working with the SDGs, and to translate those commitments into concrete actions to integrate the SDGs into the core of their work.

Supported by the campaign to raise awareness throughout the local SME and SE community, we will launch a BIZ4SDGs challenge where we aim to get 1.000 local businesses in Amsterdam to commit and contribute to the SDGs. C-Change and its partners will take the lead in bringing the SE, DNG will push on its support base of 100,000s SMEs to trigger action.

C-Change, a SE that facilitated a national SDG investing roadmap with the financial sector and successfully launched a Dutch SDG Gateway with the national SDG Charter, and DNG, owner of MKBServicedesk, which is an online platform that provides relevant and reliable information for entrepreneurs and has over 350.000 visitors per month, will act as campaign managers. Together we will design the challenge, provide an online challenge environment, and invite parties to join our challenge.

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