A solution by Soleek Lab submitted to Give Blood Now!

A platform (mobile app) which takes form of a game to give an interesting experience to potential blood donors to enhance their participation and promote the act.

(Pitched: 15/07/2018)

One Page Summary

Younger people are less likely to donate blood. That’s a huge problem due to the role blood plays at hospitals and medical centers. There is a need to not only reach younger people and convince them to participate, but also to make sure it turns into a habit. This would not only help fulfill blood shortages now and in the future, but would also lead to a better attitude towards society by the younger generation.

Approach younger people the way they like to be approached. Younger people like games and challenges. They like to share their progress on social media, and invite their peers to join them in their activities. Remember how much success the ice bucket challenge generated? The idea is something similar.

By setting the app in a way that relate to a game/challenge to make it more engaging for the target group. Motivate them by different means to spread the app using word of mouth and invitations. Help them schedule appointments and much more while sharing some parts on social media we can empower them and the results will be great.

During the first phase, we are expecting to work closely with the challenge owner and their partners, especially when it comes to better understanding the youth locally targeted and their interests/needs. Together, we will have all the expertise needed to make this solution a success in preparation to spread it all over Europe.