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AVIS Isernia is a blood donor association, part of AVIS Molise (regional) and Avis (national).

AVIS is a private non-profit association that pursues an aim of public interest: to guarantee an adequate availability of blood and blood components to all patients who need it, through the promotion of the gift, the call of the donors and in some cases, even direct blood collection, in agreement with public hospitals.
AVIS founds his activity on the principles of democracy, free social participation and volunteering, as a central and irreplaceable element of human solidarity. Everybody who intends to donate their blood voluntarily, anonymously, periodically and freely, but who, unable to do this, wishes to collaborate freely for all the activities of promotion and organization.
Today AVIS is the biggest voluntary blood organization in Italy and, thanks to its members, guarantees about the 80% of the national blood requirement. Overall, AVIS can count on over 1.300.000 members, who each year contribute to the collection of over 2.000.000 units of blood and blood derivatives. AVIS has over 3400 locations in Italy and 19 in Switzerland.
Much effort is reserved for the promotion of solidarity, active citizenship and healthy and correct lifestyles. These activities are also supported by support for scientific research and participation in international cooperation projects. In achieving all these objectives, AVIS can count on the collaboration of the most important and prestigious national institutions and private entities with whom it has signed collaboration agreements and memoranda of understanding.

AVIS Molise plays the role of coordination, support and training, aimed at the municipal and provincial structures of the Molise region. 

In particular, it promotes a voluntary, periodic, associated, unpaid, anonymous and conscious donation, which configures the blood donor as the promoter of a primary social-health service and health worker.
The self-sufficiency is among the main objectives of the organization, purpose to be pursued day by day, in collaboration with the institutions and, for this reason, AVIS Molise is working to create a system of regular monitoring of donations throughout the territory. The monitoring activity is strategic to set up all the regional planning, and is able to highlight any critical situations and suggest corrective actions and appropriate development strategies.
AVIS Molise was founded 37 years ago: today 2 provincial association (Campobasso and Isernia) and 36 municipal (25 in Campobasso and 11 in Isernia) are part of it.

AVIS Isernia is the local organization of AVIS on the municipal territory of Isernia.

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