Selected for grant

The following Pitches, made to Closed Challenges in this Place, have been selected to receive a €30k grant and six months of mentoring to develop their project further.


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Plastic Jumper SrlS

for Security in the city!

The place for the re-connected people

Submitted pitches

Entrepreneurs and social innovators recently submitted the following Pitches for these Challenges

Challenge: Security in the city!

Multicultural International Library

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Este Edition Srl

Submitted to Security in the city!

Multicultural International Library is a multilingual library with conventional and digital books (ebook), addressed to all and in particular to foreigners residing in the chosen reference area. Possibility of book-crossing, loans, children’s corner and a weekly presidium for the evaluation of texts for the eventual publication of foreigners in Italian.


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Klodian Omuri architetto

Submitted to Security in the city!



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Submitted to Security in the city!

Safety=Knowledge. Simple equivalence which founds the project that brings us to address a collective space to this process. A square equipped to welcome every kind of activity,every exchange,every voice existent in the district.Here voices can meet each other, can listen to each other and can tell about it-self. Poetic break in a district that finds its garden and a face to face communication.