Social Property Investment

Updated: 21/12/2017

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Social Enterprise for Social Housing: We Align Professional Practitioners to Facilitate Flexible, Compassionate, Innovative Homelessness Solutions

Social Property Investment is social enterprise for social housing: it’s a solution for homelessness which was designed for the homeless, by the homeless - and the people that are best able to assist them. These methods are proven to get people off the streets – and keep them off the streets.

Identifying the strengths, talents and resources of all who have the ability to serve, Social Property Investment provides a route to the centralisation of community homelessness address, identifying both accommodation and holistic care supply for the eventual adoption of a universally utilised ‘Housing-First’ led approach towards homelessness and housing instability for the Greater Manchester region.

The unique methods of ‘Social Property Investment’ present a combination of asset investment systems and aspirational, person-centred, support-based homelessness address strategies. This allows all partakers - who align from across the public, private, third and voluntary sectors - to confidently operate, with focus on three key areas:

• Maximising profit and cost-effectiveness;
• Minimising and mitigating risk;
• Making a positive difference to the lives of people engaged.

Though there can be no single, one-size-fits-all solution to the tragedy of 21st Century homelessness, Social Property Investment allows respondents from widely differing habitats to align, identify a common bond, share their assets and work together in harmony towards ending – rather than sustaining – the crisis of modern homelessness. 

Whether financial shareholders, property owners, accommodation providers, managing agents, public sector services, charitable establishments, faith-led groups, academic institutions, local authorities with a duty to house - or simply members of the public looking to help; Social Property Investment will brings contributors, followers, investors and donors together; empowering them to effectively channel their efforts towards the compassionate eradication of 21st Century homelessness - for the city of Manchester, and beyond.

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