Practical Application: International Influence

A solution by Social Property Investment submitted to Breaking the cycle of homelessness

Creating a multi-disciplinary network of operational best practice for compassionate homelessness prevention and response which is led by Housing First

(Pitched: 22/12/2017)

One Page Summary

Identifying the strengths, talents and resources of all who have the ability to serve, Social Property Investment provides a route to the centralisation of homelessness address, whilst identifying both accommodation and holistic care supply for the eventual mass-scale adoption of a non-criteria based ‘Housing-First’ led approach towards housing instability and its wider associated issues.

Though there can be no single, one-size-fits-all solution to the tragedy of 21st Century homelessness, ‘Social Property Investment’ allows respondents from widely differing habitats to align, identify a common bond, share their assets and work together in harmony towards ending – rather than sustaining – a person's homelessness stature. 

The unique methods of ‘Social Property Investment’ present a combination of asset investment systems and aspirational, person-centred support-based homelessness address strategies, with focus on three key areas, for all partakers:

• Maximising profit and cost-effectiveness;
• Minimising and mitigating risk;
• And, ultimately making a difference to the lives of people partaking, as well as wider society.

These methods are proven to get people off the streets – and keep them off the streets. 


Whilst creating a platform for exchange of excellent techniques between practitioners in the United Kingdom, the United States of America and beyond, we will align the most inspiring and successful respondents to homelessness in the world; creating a global knowledge-exchange platform to design, share and actualise targeted community-driven ‘Social Property Investment’-led address plans – to be implemented at individual, local, regional, national and international levels.

Whether financial shareholders, accommodation providers, managing agents, public sector services, charitable establishments, faith-led groups, social innovators, philanthropists, academic institutions, local authorities with a duty to house - or simply members of the public looking to help; ‘Social Property Investment’ will bring leaders, contributors, followers, investors and donors together; empowering them to effectively channel their efforts towards the eradication of 21st Century homelessness.

Together, we aim to set the benchmark for the compassionate resolution to homelessness, across developed nations, all over the globe.