Associação Um Milhão Contra a Pobreza em Portugal

Updated: 18/12/2017


The One Million Association is an organization dedicated specifically to Combating Poverty and Social Exclusion in Portugal. Generally speaking, it works with national / regional governments. And local organizations in long-term development programs.

In the sectors of health, education, nutrition, food support and also in emergency situations to defend the victims of this world crisis disadvantaged and socio-economic lack in Portugal.

We have as objectives
Promote advocacy for the rights of children, the elderly, needy families, homeless and non-profit institutions and anyone who asks for help and can help us meet their basic needs and contribute to their full development.

The One Million Association is governed by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and its Internal Statutes of the One Million Association and works to ensure that these rights become permanent ethical principles and international and national codes of conduct for the most disadvantaged and needy of this Association. world crisis

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