Embrace is a smart locator for the elderly. Receiving immediate information of the exact location of your loved ones. It includes wandering prevention alert, fall detection alert and personal location safety technology. Embrace for elderly is the best locator for people with Alzheimer’s and health care monitoring that exist into market.

(Pitched: 21/12/2017)

One Page Summary

Embrace seeks to solve the problem of location detection and assisting vulnerable population groups such as the elderly in the event of disappearance or fleeing. The solution is a low-cost, portable and stand-alone positioning device with the capability of sending the position to mobile phones or over the internet. Embrace has originaly funded from Cyprus Ministry of Commerce and has received a European trademark. 

Our innovation differentiating EMBRACE from State-of-the-Art solutions is the use of sensor data analytics, onboard the device like elderly behavior analysis, sleep and emotions. Location and movement models can detect patterns in EMBRACE data in an unsupervised manner, to identify behavior and thus show the daily emotional journey for the elderly.