Municipality of Dali

Updated: 12/09/2017

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Dali, is a large district located in the south east of the capital of Nicosia with a population of 13000 people. Dali has a historical significance for the area as one of the 11 ancient kingdoms of Cyprus; while nowadays is a fast-growing community in the suburbs of Nicosia, forming an important hub for the farming and agriculture industry in Cyprus

Dali (Idalion) is a municipality of Nicosia district. It is the modern town of the ancient city of Idalion.

Dali is located in the southern part of Nicosia province (17 kilometers south of Nicosia), approximately in the middle of Cyprus. Because of its large expanse, Dali is divided into two large and distinct areas. These are the area of " Panagia Evangelistria" (metropolitan Dali that includes the ancient part of Dali) and " Saints Konstantinou and Eleni". The first is the metropolitan old village, while the second is the modern extension of Dali closer to Nicosia (northern part of the municipality). The metropolitan Dali is located between two hills that surround the valley of the Gialia River. By 2016, the population had almost doubled to 13,000.

Dali has a rich history which is dated back to the first Greek years and shows the long presence of the Greek element in Cyprus.

Today there is an important number of education institutes in Dali.  There are three primary schools which operate, one lyceum and a number of preschool centres and kindergartens. The district gymnasium of Pera Chorio Nisou which was previously called District gymnasium of Nicosa had previously operated in Dali at the second primary school of Dali.

There are many services in the village such as clinics, gyms, swimming pools, restaurants and many others. There is also the well-known Health Centre of Dali which provides services to the surrounding villages as well. Moreover, there is one of the most respected Care-homes in Cyprus, which is called Agios Dimitrianos near the Health Centre. The Carehome provides, to elderly people, high quality nursing care of a high standard in a friendly and family-like environment. The centre treats each and every one of its guests with sensitivity, great care and respect, based on the specific needs of each individual, for a personalised care.

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