Even though the population of Dali is rapidly growing, a significant proportion of the community, approximately 35%, is formed by elderly people. It is a strategic goal therefore, for both the authorities and the local community in general, to support and provide high quality services to the elderly people of Dali - not just for the foreseeable future, but for the long term as well. As a result, the municipality has planned and already developed infrastructure facilities in order to host and support their elderly population. These types of facilities are mainly elderly and nursing homes with highly trained professionals and also a plethora of other services such as doctor visits and social events in order to keep them close and active within the community.


The challenge that the municipality wants to tackle is to enhance the social inclusion of this specific community and their wellbeing though innovative technological solutions. The benefits of having such attention given to the elderly population is overwhelmingly positive. Social inclusion and the general wellbeing of the elderly community, not only allows for the elderly to enjoy a higher quality of life within an independent environment, but it also gives room for the younger generations to prioritise their attention in the areas where it matters most - not just in caring for their elderly’s disabilities, but in maintaining a channel of communication that deals with the everyday joys of life. Being socially active is one of the most important features of our society and builds the foundation in which a person’s life can be enriched and made more meaningful. Unfortunately, being marginalized by our fast-paced rhythms due to age is not uncommon, so supporting the elderly in initiatives that span beyond just the basic healthcare ones will be critical in achieving a healthier, and more successful society as a whole.

Since it is undeniable that we have become a digitally connected society, part of this infrastructure that has been developed will have to include technology advancements as well.