The simplest way to create your life narrative, for yourself and those that follow

(Pitched: 21/12/2017)

One Page Summary

There is a growing elder population worldwide. According to studies, the majority of elders report feeling alone during their days. Additionally, with current societal norms, our elders are either living alone or in senior homes where at least 60% do not receive a single visitor all year and those that do, only receive one.

MindPath is a marketplace platform where elders connect with life interviewers to tell, record and save their life stories. Elders connect with interviewers over the phone, the call gets automatically transcribed to text using voice-to-text transcription software, and the interview gets sent to selected family members and friends who can propose new ideas and questions for follow-up interviews. Currently only small-and-pop shops exist online which are non-tech, non-scalable and very expensive. This solution allows seniors to easily connect with an empathetic life interviewer to tell their life story and pass it on to future generations. It also easily brings in the senior's social network as participants in the process. MindPath would be the most simple and flexible solution on the market for this process. It's time that we preserve the wisdom of previous generations.