Updated: 15/04/2018

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Mygrants is the first web app providing immigrants with all the information and support necessary for their personal empowerment and professional development in a country they desire and deserve to call "home". Online since April 2017, Mygrants is used by more than 27000 immigrants (men, women and unaccompanied minors) in 12 regions across Italy.

Mygrants is a web app that, throughout a series of thematic repeatable and progressive quiz modules available in three different languages (italian, english, french), provides immigrants with: Information, aiming at raising awareness, engagement and inspiring its users; training, in order to unleash their potential talent not yet expressed; and support, supplying a range of resources useful at achieving self-sufficiency in the labour market as employee, self-employed or entrepreneur. All the contents available in the platform have been created by eminent bodies, such as universities, institutions, foundations and training corporations.
They are divided in three main themes: right and asylum (fundamental human rights, European Union treaties and structure, common european asylum system, international protection system for asylum seekers and refugees, traveling permits and documents, etc..); social challenges (right to health, free access to drinkable water and food, access to education, social heroes from the third millennium, Sustainable Development Goals and Agenda 2030, etc..) and entrepreneurship (how to identify an opportunity and value ideas, economic and financial education, planning and management, how to take the initiative, engage others and mobilize resources, etc..).
As a matter of fact, Mygrants is a game: after completing a quiz module, each one of them made out of ten questions, the users -called trainees - score one point for each correct answer and can see their result. If they score less than 6 points, the module has to be repeated, yet they can check their mistakes. Afterwards, the trainees are free to decide whether to repeat the module, try the next one or change topic. Indeed, there is no limit of attempts.
The purpose of this innovative system of rewards is to ensure that migrants - other than becoming fully informed and educated about the cultural system of their host communities and transforming themselves into potential resources - can spend their free time in a constructive and proactive way, strengthening their sense of initiative and enterprise.

Moreover, each month a report for every trainee is produced showing his/her performance in terms of points earned, # of quiz modules done, % of correct answers, time used and highlighting his/her competences - perseverance, talent and a suggestion for his/her personal development pathway. In particular, the report system enables us to profile attitudes, previous competences, their background and interests, to track their progress and their capacity to implement the acquired knowledge, in addition to highlight potential talents, strengthen their lacking areas and lead them toward their most suitable destination: higher education, job placement and entrepreneurship

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