senior environmental policies advisor Stefania Giannuzzi

Joined: 11/12/2017


I’m a multidisciplinary project manager, programme evaluator and designer. Motivated, curious, and creative, I combine my expertise as naturalist scientist, strategic planner, data analyst, and processes designer to produce environmental policies and strategies with people at their heart.
My priorities are catalysing resilience and creating the conditions for it to reach scale.
I’m passionate about developing design and planning solutions that are both responsive and flexible to changing neighbourhoods and communities. I am inspired by the challenge of making cities that support human happiness, equity, health and connectedness.
As deputy mayor of City of Torino in the field of Environmental policies and European Funds, I established the urban resilience on the my political agenda across the network with business, civil society and academia.
I’m a seasoned listener and facilitator, engaging communities, governments, developers, academics and cultural institutions in cross- disciplinary collaboration. I’m driven by the wish to improve the quality of urban places through understanding the human experience within the built form.
My goal is to help companies and organisations embrace responsibility, sustainable development and social impact through innovation, profitable poverty reduction opportunities, inclusiveness. I help to create meaningful and impact-oriented partnerships among people and organisations, advocating for sustainable development in everything I do.

Twitter username: @_ste_