Updated: 20/12/2017

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Waste heat to useful electrical power conversion modules. These different size modules can be used in a variety of uses from few W to several hundred KW.

HEATCONV is a new created start-up aimed at developing patented technologies to convert heat into electrical power. The objective is to produce a family of modules with different sizes that could be adapted to a wide range of applications that produce waste heat naturally in their normal functioning.

These applications are widely used in our homes, cars and also in the industry. Almost any mechanical device can be a candidate for energy recovery. The most immediate application is on cooling devices, as the modules recover the energy cooling down the surrounding ambient.

Examples for this cooling application is on air conditioning,both at homes or installed on cars. In this case, switching on the air conditioning will not consume energy, but porvide some extra electrical power to be used somewhere else. Same for freezers...

Also, they can be used as low-cost solar panels.

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