Waste Heat Coversion to Electrical Energy

A solution by HEATCONV submitted to Climate Protection Now!

Family of different size modules design to capture wasted heat from different sources and convert them to useful elecrical power. Can be used as well for free cooling and also as high efficiency solar cells.

(Pitched: 21/12/2017)

One Page Summary

All domestic or industrial processes that contribute to the global warming waste a certain quantity of energy as heat to the ambient. HEATCONV value proposal is to produce power modules able to capture this heat when couple or installed as part of this processes.

HEAT conversion is achieved by polarizing and filtering the light in such a way that the light is trapped within an adiabiatic compartment an eventully converted using a typical multi-junction cell.

A typical example is the heat produced by any personal computer that is simply ejected from the device. A partial or total energy recycle would save huge amount of energy worldwide due to the large number of units in the field.

Special benefited processes are the ones related to cooling, since the cooling objective can be achieved in autonomous mode, with zero energy consumption and even providing some delta electrical power to be used in secondary applications.
Solar cells efficiency can be achieved using these power modules as heat tramps, at a reasonable price.