We are String Projects

Updated: 11/04/2018

Solution provider

Online platform that enables patients to manage their chronic illness

"We are String Project" is the company that developed and manage "People Who' Platform.

People WHO is an online platform that enables patients to manage their chronic illness on a daily basis. A website and Apps for sharing, monitoring and staying informed about chronic illness.

It was created to respond to the challenge of patient empowerment by helping them to fully understand their health conditions, engage with all the community players. With it, they gain control over their illness, treatment, and thus their own lives. People WHO integrates, in a single platform, the three dimensions of the patient’s need:

• SOCIAL DIMENSION: Staying in touch with other people to answer questions, share experiences and get the support needed.
• PRACTICAL DIMENSION: Handling the daily monitoring of the illness with the appropriate tools for following the treatment, recording the symptoms and reporting back to the doctor.
• INFORMATION DIMENSION: Staying informed in order to understand the symptoms, treatments and risks associated with the illness.

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