Browse the Challenges which organisations in this City Challenge owners wish solved. Up to three companies with the best Pitch for each Challenge will receive funding and six months of mentoring to develop their solution into a practical, marketable solution. The Challenge Owner will then partner with one to take their solution to the next level. See FAQs: How does this Platform help Entrepreneurs and Social Innovators?

Closed challenges

The deadlines for the Challenges, below, have passed. Each attracted Pitches, some of which are now beeing developed into solutions as part of the Social Challenges Platform

Most recently closed

Environment, Food

Encourage a sustainable society with Daylicacy

Daylicacy AB

Deadline: 7/15/2018

Daylicacy wants to re-invent the commerce by lifting up small local designers, actively encourage them to become more environmental-friendly, and give the opportunity for customers to consume less, but better.


Find your space!

Insamlingsstiftelsen Läxhjälpen (Läxhjälpen)

Deadline: 7/15/2018

Decrease social marginalization by increasing connections and improving school performances & results!

Earlier challenges


School communication tool

Futuraskolan AB

Deadline: 4/15/2018

Empathy towards other classmates; gender equality among peers and adults; diversity among our international community