Updated: 21/12/2017

Solution provider

Viewcare supplies a comprehensive range of innovative telehealth solutions, which have been established through a number of successful research and development projects, conducted in close collaboration with users, care and healthcare professionals and universities.

Viewcare’s Telehealth Platform enables safe and effective remote collaboration between consumers and providers of innovative care and healthcare services, while facilitating a significant increase in service delivery capacity, at lower total operating costs.

Viewcare have developed an innovative approach to the integration of telehealth technologies into the workflow of hospital outpatient services, involving remote monitoring of both quantitative health data, and qualitative situation data, allowing for effective stratification of patients and an overall reduction of 50% in the total number of outpatient clinics needed to keep patients healthy and safe.

Viewcare’s telehealth platform relies on the integration of existing remote health data collection and monitoring technologies, but in cases where such technologies have not yet been developed, Viewcare facilitates the formation of research and development partnerships to create new and innovative remote health data monitoring systems.

Integration and open standards are essential core characteristics of Viewcare’s Telehealth Platform, ensuring scalability and applicability across disease areas and geographic locations. The platform ensures effective and efficient implementation for large care and healthcare delivery organisations, servicing thousands of patients and community service clients. 

Role-based call-routing ensures, that care and healthcare consumers utilising the Viewcare Telehealth Platform, can be connected to the right care provider at the right time depending on time of day, day of week and their specific health situation.

Acute rehabilitation care can be initiated without prior notice in the citizen’s own home, as an alternative to either bringing the citizen to a temporary care home or admitting the patient to a local hospital. Offering rehabilitation in the home greatly improves the chances of the citizen being able to continue living safely and in full control, in the comfort of their own home, and this is key to maintaining a good quality of life. This also allows community services to redirect their resources to other areas of need.

Unique business case tools have been developed for the precise assessment of quality-improvement and cost-savings potentials. Viewcare are experienced in the practical implementation of telehealth delivery systems and enabling our customers to achieve more-with-less when it comes to care and healthcare delivery.

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