Our existing solution is well-implemented in Denmark and used by Danish Hospitals and home care providers with great success and with great social impact. A voluntary network module will be developed as part of this project, and an implementation instrument will be adjusted to the Dutch market.

(Pitched: 21/12/2017)

One Page Summary

Patyna in Friesland is – like the rest of the care providers in Europe – facing an ageing population. To care provider organisations, this causes an increased need for more efficient working processes as we become more elderly with the need of care, and less people in the working age to take care of the elderly. Patyna experiences a lack of support to the increasing number of elderly living in small settlements, and who, to a greater extend, live in solitude. If care providers want to maintain a high service level and cope with their economic challenge, technology can be the solution to create the more efficient work process. Here, care and health/nursing services delivered on distance via tele-solutions promise great value for both the provider and the citizen as the end-user. Our solution consists of two parts; 1) an Implementation Instrument, and 2) a Digital Platform.