Nic's legacy

Updated: 22/05/2018

Solution provider

United Kingdom
Nic’s Legacy is part of My Care Link CIC, a registered social enterprise, company number 08811310. The company was setup specifically to create a software platform designed to help informal carers and their networks to share the day to day care of someone who is living with a serious or long-term medical condition.

It came about as a direct result of losing our beloved Nic. At just 35, she was diagnosed with secondary cancer in her lungs and on her brain, there were just four months between diagnosis and passing. In that time, Jamie cared for her 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. Even now, nearly eight years later, he still suffers the effects; 87% of carers say that caring for someone has had a negative impact on their own health. 

The primary purpose of is to help those involved with a serious or long-term medical condition to plan, schedule, communicate and generally lessen the burden of caring for someone, later releases will have further functionality.

The purpose of the live testing is to further validate not only the concept, but also the usability, to ensure that it functions as we intend it to and to prove the statistical savings. Carenet 365 is currently being evaluated in a ‘live’ environment with a number of organisations, including the Mary Ann Evans Hospice in North Warwickshire.

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