Updated: 13/07/2018

Solution provider

Cdo is an association who is aim is to help businesspeople, non-profit organisations, managers and professionals to develop companies and professional activities for the good of all. Cdo members have a multitude of tools available for creating a development programme for their company and professional activity: internalisation, training, financial area, cost optimisation.

Cdo Milano is an association of small and medium-sized enterprises with about 4,000 members based in Milan and in the province of the City. CDO is an entity accredited by the Metropolitan City of Milan for the use of Article 14 of Legislative DLgs 276/2003.

Cdo promotes its activities in the city of Milan, that qualifies as a privileged place in which to strengthen the network between companies because here the fabric of the small companies is integrated into a system of numerous medium-sized companies, often well integrated in global markets.

The Metropolitan City has over 298 thousand active enterprises, the majority of which operates in the service sector, especially in services, where there are over 148 thousand units (49.7% of the total) and 1,089 thousand employees (55.8%). The manufacturing sector accounts for 18.7% of employees, with 10.4% of companies.
A system that is recovering, which in the end of the long recession, recorded an increase in active companies compared to five years ago, equal to 7.2% in Milan and an average of 2% in the rest of the Metropolitan City

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