RuralVive is a structuring project of entrepreneurship and rural innovation adapted to the constraints and peculiarities of the rural environment, in order to create a positive environment, to support the emergence and growth of businesses and employment in order to fix the population and bring in people from outside.

(Pitched: 13/07/2018)

One Page Summary

A considerable part of Portuguese territory is facing serious demographic challenges, arising form a combination of ageing population and low birth rate. This results in an inability to replace generations and can only be offset by a strong surge of immigration. This phenomenon is not specific to the country as a whole, it is particularly intense in the hinterlands, which for decades have seen large numbers of young people leaving. And this is true in RuralVive´s area of intervention, where ageing coexists with low population density and the resulting problems of isolation and the difficulty of achieving economies of scale.

RuralVive intends to promote factors of rehabilitation, renovation or even revitalization of rural areas, betting on the promotion of the sustainable development of a territory. To this end, we want to contribute to the improvement of the environment and the quality of life, increase the efficiency of the use of resources with the aim of developing the economic fabric for the identification of the main products of the territory, making them known to the world using different territorial marketing strategies. Tourism, local gastronomy and other products constitute a "brand / identity" that values and identifies the territory.