Updated: 11/07/2018

Solution provider

WELCOME A.p.s. is an association founded in October 2016 with the aim to stimulate transnational cooperation, strengthen public and private partnership in Europe and foster excellence, innovation and quality in youth education. WELCOME A.p.s. can count on very skilled staff holding extensive experience as training provider and coordinator in the field of ERASMUS+ projects.

WELCOME project Team has been active in the development and implementation of policies and strategies for improving socio-economic policies; thus acquiring specific competences in education, training, lifelong learning and HR management, and gaining expertise in a wide range of related activities: individuals’ guidance and human resources empowerment actions, assessment of competences (also using innovative methods like Validation of Prior Learning), analysis of professional and training needs, elaboration and implementation of learning plans and personalized training courses, definition of professional profiles.
In addition, WELCOME has reached considerable experience in the definition of new methodologies to integrate the validation of non-formal learning activities to innovate learning services provided by Educational, training and labor market Institutions/services, also by favoring international good practices exchange. Furthermore, WELCOME has experience on Open Innovation process and entrepreneurship topics.
During its professional experience WELCOME Staff has conducted several research studies, developed training materials, devised and assessed tools and publications, organised and conducted workshops aimed at different target groups at national and transnational level, as well as conferences (also at EU level). These activities, together with the constant liaising with authorities at local, regional and national level, has allowed WELCOME to develop a considerable experience in the dissemination process and has provided a great base for testing, applying and generally exploiting good practices and results emerged during the management of European projects.

In particular, during over 10 years of experience and cooperation of WELCOME Staff in the above mentioned projects involving education and training we built and strengthened an extremely large local network of partners and Institutions that will have a fundamental role in disseminating and exploiting the results of our projects. At the moment WELCOME A.P.S. collaborates on a stable base with more than 20 High Schools (grammar schools and vocational schools), public job centres, Universities and Academies, and various trade and business associations in the Marche Region.

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