Updated: 10/07/2018

Solution provider

Pandorahub (re)connects people with rural areas, empowering both the villagers and those who need respite from the city. Together with local governments and communities we identify opportunities in their villages and co-create programs to attract entrepreneurs who are interested to work and live in a village. We combine the novelty of technologies with old traditions and the power of nature.

What Pandorahub is
Pandorahub is a network of people, places and projects. Local heroes, activists, rural coworking and coliving spaces, startups, facilitators and business hackers. We have proven that working and living close to nature in rural areas help us achieve a more healthy and fulfilling lifestyle.

We are on a mission of restoring and reviving our rural areas by empowering community living, remote work, people and business growth, multiculturality, intergenerationallity, rural coworking and coliving, conscious entrepreneurship, career shifting, self-employment and alternative learning paths.

What we do
We do so by mapping ecosystems of Innovation and entrepreneurship in villages and rural areas for a better understanding of the local needs, and (re)activate them by rural coliving and coworking residencies, business acceleration and incubation experiences.

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