Mobile Cardiologist

Updated: 23/07/2019

Solution provider

The AIDU! Community is born to build emergency-friendly cities and collaborative communities. We aim to offer fast and accurate rescues within 6 minutes. This method has created a dynamic rescue system, where every emergency report can bring citizens to reach victims on time. Once emergency is reported, the system will forward the aid request within 2km the emergency location.

AIDU! born from an international collaboration between teenagers. The project started under the name of "Mobile Cardiologist" in early 2017. Now is renamed Aid You and works mainly in rescue services and creating a sustainable community living.

AIDU! has a clear plan in order to reach a modest number of volunteers around communities. Local non-government organisations interested in including our initiative in their programs can partner with us. Our team will identify one internal ambassador in the NGO and/or an external ambassador, that will monitor the progress of the AIDU! community and represent us. We aim to reach ambassadors with different backgrounds, in order to have access to an audience from different fields, such us: Schools, Public Institutions and health facilities. We will take advantage of the power of each ambassador networks and local organisation outreach capabilities.

AIDU! in numbers: 3+ ongoing partnerships

6+ NGO's available for courses

80+ ambassador applications

4 countries reached

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