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Updated: 18/12/2017

Solution provider

Teachat originates from the idea of simplify the intersection between supply and demand in the business of private lessons of school subjects. Teachat wants to offer a new and alternative paradigm for traditional private lessons. The added value of this service lies in using the most used communication method: the chat.
Another important Teachat point of strengths definitely the speed: when the student has a question about an exercise or a specific topic, he or she can enter the platform and make an help request through a text message, an image or a voice message. A proprietary algorithm will perform a selection of the ideal tutor to solve that kind of request on the basis of different parameters (rating of the tutor, immediate availability, expertise on the subject, etc.), then it will get the selected tutor in touch with the student through a private chat inside the platform itself. The lesson will entirely take place through the chat and eventually the student will be asked to rate the tutor.
The main goal is to add value to the traditional private lessons ecosystem through the creation of a web platform (website and mobile application) that engages both the actors involved, tutors and students, to take advantage of the tutoring service.
In this shared economy model registered tutors will offer their know-how to the students and, in return, they will get paid. Main tutor advantages is that tutoring (and derived income) could be done at any time and directly from their mobile device or computer without organizational or distance problems. The student, on the other hand, will have the opportunity to get in touch with a qualified tutor at any time and in less than 5 minute to receive the proper training on unclear topics or problems. The incentive for the student derives from the channel through which they interact with the tutor: the chat.
This system does not want to completely replace the traditional approach because, from a relational view, the physical encounter between student and tutor is crucial in the field of learning. What we want is to create a system that can be placed alongside traditional approach through an innovative service for instant training focused mainly on short sessions.
With Teachat the concept of "canonical hour lesson" is get over by the concept of a "on demand micro education": through this new paradigm, in fact, we want to provide the student a qualified tutor for any specific doubts regarding their studies.

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